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How It Works - The Process

The images and video below document the process we went through with Stacey and Jamie for their wedding in May 2012. Every couple has different ideas and all of our choreography is tailored to what you want. This is an example of how a Flash Mob can be integrated with a First Dance to ensure you’re not left on the dance floor alone!

Step 1

The bride and groom met with Movementor to discuss their ideas. Stacey and Jamie went for our Standing Ovation package with the Flash Mob bolted on, so 6 hours of studio time with an instructional video for the Flash Mob participants.

Step 2

The couple chose the music for their First Dance and Flash Mob and had them spliced together. Liz listened to the music (many, many times) so she knew it inside out and could maximise the rehearsal time. Liz also came up with some choreographic ideas.

Step 3

The first 2 rehearsal hours were spent creating the smoochy First Dance. The next rehearsal of 2 hours was spent refining the First Dance and learning the Flash Mob snippet.

“We have loved our first dance and flash mob sessions at Movementor and can't wait to show off our routine on the big day. Liz is brilliant - really friendly and she knows her stuff! We highly recommend Movementor.” Stacey & Jamie

Step 4

The final 2 hour rehearsal was spent polishing the couple’s performance and finally videoing the instructions for the Flash Mob participants.


Step 5

Stacey and Jamie sent the video link to their Bridesmaids and Ushers, who rehearsed at home (in the kitchen!) and again once they got to the venue.

A brilliant way to overcome that awkward moment at the end of your first dance, or as a surprise interlude to the day’s proceedings. Work with Movementor to create the dance you’d like to see your nearest and dearest perform, then let us upload your tailored video tutorial to the web. Share the link with all those you’d like to get involved and watch in amazement as your guests explode into a synchronised boogie on the day. We can also provide group rehearsals for a polished performance in line with your vision.

Step 6

With everything in place, all that was left was to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. Here’s what happened...

Flash Mob - Get Everyone Dancing!